Sawarna oh Sawarna

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I’ve been receiving so many trip-offers to Sawarna during the past year. Sawarna is a name for a village in Lebak, near Sukabumi and Pelabuhan Ratu area. It has a beautiful coast line and many professional surfers said the waves are good to be surfed.

But back to 2009, i have no idea about Sawarna. This place was suggested by my CCF friends who longing to go on short holiday, which i called #WeekendHore because we don’t have to take leave days from the office. Yay!

We’re off to Sawarna around 8 o’clock-ish on one fine Saturday morning. I didn’t know that the place will be so far-far away. After 5 hours driving, we’re not even arrived. Doh!

Back then, the roads are not really friendly; we drove on bumpy roads with confusing route that make some of our friends feeling nauseous.


The view on our way to Sawarna

Around  3 o’clock in the afternoon, we finally arrived at Desa Sawarna. In 2009, there are limited homestays in Sawarna. Fortunately, we already booked one of the guest-house long before we went there.

We cannot bring car to our homestay place, so we have to use ojek (motorcycle-taxi) or take 10minutes-ish walk. When we arrived, we still have so much energy  and ful of excitement that made us to decide to walk through thin-wood-bridge. It is not really far away but still…walking with backpacks and printilans? Rempong jaya!

Iseng-pawwah! 😀


Homestay Widi – Desa Sawarna

After unpacking our bags and change into comfortable wardrobe (baca: kaos kutung dan celana pendek) we’re rushing to the beach! Hell yeah we cannot wait to play at the white-sandy beach and beautiful ocean. Woohoo!

And we’re not disappointed with the beach and ocean. Its very bluey and very quiet, at that time only us who running around the beach like a 5-years old. 🙂



Fisherman’s boats

Pose in front of Sawarna’s famous landscape.

Taking pictures, joking one to another (baca: nyela), playing with the sands and enjoying the beautiful scenery. We’re there until sunsets. Too bad its a bit cloudy and my old-school camera cannot capture the amazing sunset perfectly.


Sunset at Tanjung Layar

At night, we begin our PeLaCur session. Don’t get the wrong idea, PeLaCur stand for Pelan-Pelan Curhat. Its time for telling our cheesy or corny stories about Love. Yeah, we’re that lame but we still awesome! Ha!

On the next day, we have to wake up super early. Why? Because our neighbors held a wedding party with dangdut music playing as the back sound since 6 AM! Let me tell you something, this group of people…not a morning kind of people. We tend to be very lazy on our last day of the trip.

As we feeling annoyed by the loud music, we’re decided to just get away from the house. Luckily we met the guest-house owner, and he suggested us to visit some caves that located not far away from the house.

Me inside the i-don’t-remember-the-name’s cave

Actually its super good idea because the caves wow’ed us (atau memang kami ini anak Kota banget, jarang liat goa. Pfftt..). We have to walk across small forest to go to the cave. We’ve seen animals that we might be very scared if we saw that on TV. Like tree-snakes. Its not dangerous for local people as they experience this everyday but for us the #AnakKota, snakes are very dangerous.

Mantan pacarnya siapa sih ini? ;’D

The journey back home was quite tiring, we’re stucked in the middle of heave traffic from Sukabumi to Jakarta. It took us 10 hours just to be home.

on our way home – Pelabuhan Ratu from above

Some of us are regular employees in Jakarta and none of us applied for leave on the next Monday. We knew that we will be very tired on the next day at the office. But the trip is so worth it. 🙂

I’m grateful to know Sawarna before its become very touristy place like now. I heard from my friends who just went there recently, there are many guest houses and its so packed on the weekend. 🙁

I remembered that this trip cost me no-more than IDR 200k. Its pretty good deal to have short getaway with that kind of expense. Imagine how much you will spend if you’re in the mall on weekend? I bet its more than my Sawarna trip’s cost. 😉

Plus, i have so much fun with Gank Abegong Ceria. They made me laughed and relieved from work-stress at the same time. Me so addicted to them! ;”)

Solo traveling is nice but to share a trip with bestfriends…is beyond words.



Beautiful Sawarna coast line.

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