April 2008: Girls elope to Bali!

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Oik there!

I know you must be surprised by the title. Well, its been a long time since my last writing. So am thinking, why not try to tell my past traveling stories? Who say i can’t? This is my blog, i can do whatever i want. ;D

On April 2008, three girls who worked in some foreign bank felt so stressful at the office. Its been a year working there and they deserved a decent vacation so much! *curhat colongan*

Three girls here are me, Juna and Vera. We’re starting our professional journey in banking industry together in some foreign bank that already closed their business in Indonesia by now. That’s why we’re getting close with each other. If Rumi (another close friend of ours) join this trip, the title would be “Genk Jutawan on holiday!” 🙂

After very-short discussion on our leave plan, we decided to go to Bali. To go abroad is not an option as we only 3 weeks away from our target date. Why Bali? Hmm.. who can resist going on a trip to Island of Gods (Pulau Dewata)? Plus three of us haven’t been to Bali for years and the weather is perfect too. Its summer time, baby!

We booked our AirAsia flights thru www.airasia.com – its Juna’s duty to do so. That was my first time to try budget airlines (yang kalau inget sekarang, jauh dari kata budget tuh harga tiketnya -__-*) and its the first from my uncountable-AA-flights to come.

As for me, i got a duty to find a good hotel rooms (catet: good bukan mewah tapi bagus dan nyaman buat perempuan-perempuan manis-manja seperti kami. Pfftt..) After long-hours of hotel browsing and many inputs from our colleagues, finally i decided to booked a triple hotel room at The Oasis Kuta. Its near to Kuta Art Market and we love the pool’s picture on the website. Simple but gorgeous, seducing us to jump in! Again, the room’s fee is not even near ‘budget’ word. We’re single, happy and have lots of money! (heck..lots of money apaan?! Polos, sungguh kami masih polos saat itu. Belum kenal realita hidup….)

Juna responsible for plane tickets, me for hotel rooms, then Vera responsible to booked a car and driver during our stay. Luckily, Vera’s sister’s boyfriend have a friend in Bali named Arif and fortunately he is a ‘Menara Tour & Travel’ owner! Super-yayy! We only exchange a couple of e-mails to decide that he is the perfect one for us. (ishh kesannya gimana gitu ya.. padahal emang malas nyari lagi. ;p)

Three weeks later, we already landed in Bali. This is a 5-days trip that we’ve been longing for so long. Perfect timing.

Me & Vera just landed in BALI! Woohoo!!

On our 1st day there, we only walking around Kuta area. To see what’s going on and what changing there after years. The weather is really nice. But after couple of hours walking and window shopping near Kuta – Legian – Seminyak, we returned to the hotel for a NAP! Can you believe it? We’re on splendid-holiday, indeed. 😀

Oh well, we just have to take picture here rite??? :p

Day two, our driver / tour guide/ travel owner – Arif, came to pick us on 8am at our hotel. He is a very nice and polite guy, calling everyone of us with ‘Mbak”. Later we find out that he’s older than the rest of us. Pfftt…

As planned, we’re going around places near to our hotel. Dying to try flying fish, banana boat and parasailing at Tanjung Benoa beach in the morning but unfortunately the place was so packed! Its full of Asian tourist – Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Most of them are honeymoon’ers couple – i just figured out that in Japan and Korea, they have special trip for honeymoon couple. Whew, you go on a honeymoon trip with a bunch of people? So not my kind of honeymoon idea. (yuk mari, kapan bulan madu Cid? Bulan purnama sih sering… ;p) Since we’ve got nothing to do while waiting, we’re just seeing these couples activity. Its so funny because not only the girls but the boys are scared of Benoa’s sea-waves! ;D

Not to waste the time, we’re off to Pura Uluwatu. Amazing place! I can imagine romantic scene in a novel just by standing on the cliff. *Harlequin addict!* Too bad, we’re not taken so much pics there. But i bet you know place right? 😉

After spending more than 2 hours there, we’re heading back to Tanjung Benoa to try the water sports. Voila, the place is as crowded as before but the waves pretty high. We chose Banana Boat and Flying Fish, dropped the Parasailing because Arif said its not really save to do that with current wind-speed.

Dare to try? Ga serem2 amat koq. 🙂 source:xswatersports.com

From Benoa, we went to the grand piece of art in Bali – Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK statue. It should be the biggest statue in Bali, even Indonesi,a and will be the landmark of the island. But due to 1998’s crisis, the statue development was merely stopped. So there are 3 big pieces apart in this complex. Too bad. 🙁

In front of Wisnu statue

Rockers in front of Garuda statue 😉

Not only we take pictures in front of statue, but there was a Balinese dance performance and its free! How lucky we are. 🙂

With Balinese dancer after the show

Day three, we went to Denpasar city because we want to know where is our company Bali’s branch located and withdraw additional funds for our holiday. (kalau ngambil duit dari atm lain, kena charge goceng bok! ;p #Medit)

May we present you, ABN AMRO Bank – Denpasar branch. *gaya!!*

Then we off to Pura Bedugul. Scenic place that you might recognize on commercial, postcards or even computer screen saver. The place is so beautiful. The lake, the mountains, the clouds and the weather – Breathless!

Three gorge0us girls at Pura Bedugul

We also visit Antonio Blanco museum, but not taking much photos euy. If you like art, this place worth to visit. If not, don’t even try, especially girls. Topless girl’s picture everywhere. I did intimidated sik, by the breast size! :p

From there, we went to Gitgit Waterfalls. Err.. for me who have seen too many waterfalls, this waterfall looked just okay. The walking distance from parking area is so long too. I think this is my first and last visit to Git Git.

On day four, we go on shopping tour. From Sukawati to Joger. From cute-and-cheap bed-cover to kacang Bali. Well, we -girls – just can’t resist the temptation to buy cute things and delicious foods! Also, we should buy some souvenirs to our lovely family and friends in Jakarta, right? (Alasan!)

Day five, we packed our bags (each of us bring a luggage and a traveling bag) and ready to go back to Jakarta – the big Durian city. Our holiday time was over, but we did have amazing time there.

If i remembered this trip, i always felt grateful. Because not long after that, the company that we worked for have some major issues globally. If we postpone the trip for another month, it might not gonna happen.

We remain as best friends until now but it’s so hard to plan another trip like this. It only happen again 2 years later. And now all of us work for different company, but the relationship remain strong. We’re not just only a colleague but also like a family. ;’)

The journey with our loved ones might cannot be repeated, but the memories of those lovely times…stay forever in our heart.


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