Fakir Liburan – simply means a person who dying for holiday, every day – is a place to share my stories about traveling. I might not be buying any souvenirs but i will bring back a lot of stories, for sure. 😉

My daily routine is being a corporate slave which i enjoyed very much. Confusing eh? Oh well, this job is making me stressed out and major headache but somehow i don’t mind because traveling is there for me.

My first traveling experience when i’m still 5 months old, Jakarta to Manokwari – Papua. Since then i never stop dreaming to travel around the world, off the beaten path with my sweet red suitcase or my cheerful orange backpack.

Solo or group traveling, luxurious or on-budget holiday, domestic or international route, city or suburban place…i don’t give a damn care. As long as i enjoy the trip, not making my savings cried out, nor making me lose my job…its fine by me. 😉

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With no further ado, I hope (sincerely…believe me!) you’re enjoying my stories here!



my sweet red suitcase and cheerful orange backpack :")

my sweet red suitcase and cheerful orange backpack :”)